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History Of Door County Kraut and Bakery

Who We Are

Door County Kraut Company was founded in 2003 on our 4th generation German Settlement family farmstead. Sauerkraut was a family tradition, and our kraut is made in small batches with just cabbage and salt – no other preservatives just like my Grandparents and parents did. We then vacuum packed in its raw state and freeze it. Freezing allows us to keep the squeak in the crunch, and the odd preservative flavors out of the product like you will find in many commercial brands of kraut.

An orchard was planted with a variety of fruits that would ripen throughout the market season as well as garden fruits and vegetables when Mother Nature is feeling kind. We are State licensed/certified to make a wide array of foods in addition to our fermented sauerkraut.

The need to expand our operations from the Florian II kitchen in their off hours led us to build a State approved processing kitchen on our farm location opening in 2012. The extra room was quickly dedicated to the passion of baking that Ann was raised on. Working in numerous facets of the food service industry for decades for Ann and Jim was key to the addition of baking.

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We specialize in scratch baking as that is how we were raised. Our offerings are traditional, (we also use local neighbor and family recipes with permission), regional ethnic, to unique as we develop our own recipes. Guests at our restored historic farm vacation home rentals (Gustave’s Getaway) are also treated to our foodie delights as part of their stay.

Our farm market menu is just a small part of what we are able to create for you, and menus change somewhat from market to market. Many products are too fragile to be brought to market so give us a call and we can discuss your needs and desires at (920) 839-2288.

In closing, our goal is to provide safe, reasonably priced products to our consumers and have fun doing it. Because of this, we are compliant with all aspects of regulatory food safety and licensing for both the State of Wisconsin and Federal Food & Drug Administration. Listed below are our credentials. Our commercial kitchen facility is inspected by the State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection and/or the Food and Drug Administration. We are insured and are also a member of the Wisconsin Bakers Association.

The following is a list of our current licenses and certifications.

Wisconsin Food Processing Plant License,

Wisconsin Dairy Plant Processing License,

Wisconsin Retail Food License,

Wisconsin Sellers Permit & Door County Tourism Zone Commission Room Tax Permit,

Wisconsin Tourist Rooming House License,

Wisconsin Certified as a Serve/Safe Food Manager,

Federal FDA Unified Registration & Listing System for prevention of Bio-Terrorism in the area of food chain for human consumption.

A kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a large counter.